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4-row potato planter

The potato cultivator has a large area of work, a high rate of soil, and high operating efficiency.
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The equipment is mainly used for potato cultivating, soil fertilizing, ridging operation, the frame uses a double beam rectangular frame structure, high strength, good rigidity, no deformation.The loose soil parts are using S-shaped elastic shovel handle for enhancing shovel handle flexibility, so it will minimize the damage to the machine which caused by hard objects in the soil (eg. stone).


The stainless steel opener provides smooth and even ditching. A stainless steel floating side shield controls the flow of soil within the bed. Manual or automatic (optional) depth control ensures even planting. The adjustable soil separator further enhances the distribution of soil within the optional bed forming enclosure. The seeds are presented to the planting cup through the moving floor in the hopper. The infrared proximity sensor controls the hydraulic floor drive to maintain a controlled seed level in the cup area. In this way, the seeds are not dragged over other seeds, minimizing fecal damage. The upper cup roll has a much larger diameter that reduces the speed at which the cup changes direction during the opening stroke, thereby reducing the associated "light bounce" action and possible breakage. The advanced design 'PLACEMENT' cup reflects our constant pursuit of higher levels of planting accuracy. The reverse side of the cup has a unique profile that keeps the seed in the center of the cup as it travels to the bottle opener. The fewer the seed rolls, the better the soil coverage, the better the results, and the less greening.




Working width(mm)


No. of ridge


Row spacing(mm)


Width of ridge's top-end(mm)


Linkage type


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