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Fertilization sowing machine

Fertilization sowing machine belongs to big agriculture tools, therefore it had to be used with 50-90hp tractors.
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This equipment is improved and optimized on the basis of traditional planters, enabling precise seeding of products. On the land that has been ploughed, crushed, and level. One-time operation can complete many different steps such as ridging, fertilizing, wide seedling planting, and covering earth to suppress the pressure. Through uniform seeding with wide seedlings, the seeds can be effectively tilled and the ventilation is more conducive to ventilate.




No. of seeding rows


No. of fertilizing rows


Row spacing(mm)


Tractor Power requirement(Kw)



1, easy to dig trench: circular trenching, manganese steel material stone has good resistance and flexibility, to solve the problem of the traditional plough easy to fold.

2. Perfect pipeline: The fertilizer pipeline replaces the traditional plastic pipe with a metal spring tube to prevent corrosion, aging and collision.

3. Perfect seed box: increase the size of the seed box, stainless steel material replaces the traditional plastic material, solves the problem of aging of the box in high temperature and high ultraviolet working environment.

4. Easy to observe: The box window design is easy to observe the seed leaving.

5. Suitable for large-scale planting: the two lines are 910mm, and the spacing of the four rows is increased to 760mm, which is suitable for large-scale planting.

6.Nice design: The fertilizer box is designed with hydraulic lever switch to improve product quality.

7. All-in-one machine: It can be used for corn, soybean, sorghum, mung bean, peanut and other crops by replacing the seed board.

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