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Rotary Tiller

Farm Tools Rotary Tiller

Farm Tools Rotary Tiller

Rotary tiller is used for 18-80hp four-wheel tractors. Rotary blades are durable and low cost.
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Rotary tiller is a kind of tractor used mainly for one or two seed bed preparations. It is suitable for removing and mixing residues such as corn, wheat and sugar cane, which helps to improve soil health, save fuel, cost, time and energy. is also like this.

Rotary tiller driven by the tractor's out-put shaft. During operation, the soil will be crumbled by rotating the blades that fixed on the shaft. It also can be used as shallow tilling and covering on the stabilized soil to prevent the salt in the soil. The machine will complete the work of cleaning stubbles and weeds, turning and covering green fertilizer vegetable fields, etc. After tillage, the land surface is levelling and smooth, the cover burden is closely, working efficiency is high and oil consumption is lower.


1. It helps to achieve better crushing in a very short time

2. This kind of tiller is powerful and helps to cut down the previous crops and form organic fertilizer

3. Appreciated for its smooth, fast and efficient operation

4. Equipped with sealed bearings to prevent mud from entering, thus extending bearing protection



1GQN 100/125/140/150/180/200 /220/250/300

Working width(m)


Working depth(mm)


Qty. of blade

18/26/30/34/38/42 /46/50/58/70

Linkage type


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