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rotary tiller for tractor

rotary tiller for tractor

Double axis rotary tiller has high working efficiency and can be used in large tractors with better soil effect.
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The rotary tiller for tractor is a versatile farming tool for performing many tasks on the farm. These tools are very effective in controlling weeds, increasing crop emergence and reducing soil crusts.

Rotary tiller driven by the tractor's out-put shaft. During operation, the soil will be crumbled by the rotating and forwarding of the blades fixed on the shaft. It also can be used as shallow tilling and covering on the stabilized soil to prevent the salt in the soil. The machine will complete the work of cleaning stubbles and weeds, turning and covering green fertilizer vegetable fields, etc. After tillage, the land surface is level and smooth, the cover burden is closely, working efficiency is high and oil consumption is lower.




Working width(m)


Working depth(mm)


No. of rotary axis



The rotary tiller for tractor acts through its rotating tines or blades. They can be either self-propelled or hauled as an attachment to the rear of a 4- or 2-wheel tractor. When pulled by a two-wheel tractor, it is securely attached to the vehicle and powered by its transmission system. When pulled with a four-wheel tractor, it is connected with the help of a three-point suspension and driven by a power take-off.

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