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Double Roller Rice Combine Harvester

Double Roller Rice Combine Harvester

The double roller rice combine harvester is equipped with double threshing cylinder which can threshing intact and high purity. This harvester performs great especially for higher crop and high output crop. The machine is easy to operate and maintain.
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The Double Roller Rice Combine Harvester also features a mechanical CVT or hydraulic CVT travel system that provides automatic monitoring and audible and visual alarms. The special structure of the threshing roller makes the threshing more clear and complete. A wider grading screen, CVT induced draft fan and secondary threshing unit make grain cleaning perfect. The cabin is ergonomically designed. A / C, GPS long distance control system is optional. If you have corn heads and special accessories, you can use corn.




Cutting Width (mm)




Thresh & separate

Spiked  Tooth Axial Flow


1. High operating efficiency. The enhanced gearbox, optimized gear ratio design and high drive torque ensure good performance of the mud field.

2. Its cleaning screen is the widest. Large cleaning screens reduce cleaning losses during fast harvests.

3. Optimized the relative position of the winder, feed auger and cutter, and the distance between the cutter and the feed auger increased, avoiding the high straw or crop spikes and reducing the losses caused thereby.

4. The arc-shaped feeding plate is arranged at the front part of the collecting pipe body, which effectively eliminates the triangular dead zone formed by the collecting pipe body, the feeding auger and the winding machine, so that the crop does not accumulate in front of the collecting pipe, ensuring successful feeding, Avoid straw collection and ear drop.

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