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Rice Harvester

rice and wheat harvester

rice and wheat harvester

The small reaper with the binder is designed to work in a small piece of field, mountain land and hill
The reaper's structure is simple, easy to operate and maintain.
It has advantages of light-weight, low consumption, good performance, strong adaptability and etc.
It can cut, bind and windrow the straw at one time.
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The rice and wheat harvester is used to harvest wheat, rice and reeds. It is a special tool for harvesting, with a harvest height of 0.5-1.2 m. It has an upright harvester with a maximum harvest width of 1.5 meters. Powered by high-powered and brand-name engines, the armrests can be adjusted up and down. It passes things through chains and sprocket. High-strength polymers are used in the drive chain slides.




Cutting Width (mm)




Walking  type

Two  wheel




The mini reaper with the binder is mainly use for cutting wheat, rice, and soybean. It can be used to harvest sorghum, reed, oats, etc. 
The working width is 0.8 meter and 1.0meter respectively.
It is equipped with a binder and cut, bind and windrow the straw at one time.
It equipped with 5.15kw gasoline power for better fuel efficiency

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