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Sugar Cane Harvester

Crawler Sugar Cane Harvester

Crawler Sugar Cane Harvester

The crawler sugar cane harvester is the best advanced wheeled sugarcane harvester in China. This harvester is narrow enough to harvest one row without compacting the root zone of the adjacent cane row. It is compact, light weighted, has excellent maneuverability and an excellent base cut lead to reduce cane loss and increase productivity in subsequent ratoon crops.
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Equipped Cummins engine with high-pressure common rail system, powerful and reliable performance
• Adjustable fan motor rotate speed ratio of cleaning system, better cleaning effect;
• Variable diameter conveying technology is applied in conveying channel, any block will trigger alert and be cleaned
• Rotary mechanical bow frame unloading device make harvesting well-adapted
• Load-sensitive hydraulic system control to allot flow, which fulfill load dynamic requirement and is energy saving and reliable.
• Full floating rubber crawler chassis, low ground pressure and high transit capacity
• Unique cutting technology driven by double-motor and hydraulic automatic balance, fracture surface tidy and neat
• Harvesting in wide and narrow row, auxiliary binary spiral roller make feeding system stronger


Row number (mm)


Suitable for row spacing(mm)


Engine Power(Kw)


Drive type

Hydraulic drive

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