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Sugar Cane Harvester

wheeled sugarcane harvester

wheeled sugarcane harvester

One row wheeled sugar cane harvester is the best advanced wheeled sugarcane harvester in China. This harvester is narrow enough to harvest one row without compacting the root zone of the adjacent cane row. It is compact, light weighted, has excellent maneuverability and an excellent base cut lead to reduce cane loss and increase productivity in subsequent ratoon crops.
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This sugar cane harvester represents the most advanced technology for Chinese machinery to harvest sugar cane. This type of harvester works at a line spacing of more than 0.9 meters and is narrow enough to collect a row without compressing the root area of the adjacent sugar cane row. Its compact size, light weight, excellent maneuverability and excellent basic cutting lead reduce sugar cane losses and increase the productivity of subsequent regenerated crops. The purpose of the harvest is to make maintenance simple. The engine, hydraulic system and industrial components are easy to operate and the maintenance process is simple, increasing the machine's availability to the customer.


Row number (mm)


Suitable for row spacing(mm)


Engine Power(Kw)


Drive type

Hydraulic drive


Advanced world-class technology absorption and conversion

Unique full hydraulic drive technology for automatic feedback of operational combined motor information

Make full use of engine power

More efficient and less energy

A variety of patented technologies, such as a unique split sugar cane cutter

Reduce the rate of crop rotation, better feeding performance, and easier maintenance

Unique patented technology with dual motor driven hydraulic automatic balance

Strong cutting strength and super parallel of the main and auxiliary blades

Neat cuts reduce breakage and sugar loss

Unique floating walking configuration patent technology, good adaptability to different terrains

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