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Wheat Harvester

Tractor Mounted Wheat Combine Harvester

Tractor Mounted Wheat Combine Harvester

The tractor mounted wheat combine harvester is applied for harvesting wheat and rice. The construction is simple for easy operation and high-efficient work.
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Tractor Mounted Wheat Combine Harvester harvests rice crops in wetlands. With the help of Straw Walker technology, this combination of tracks can perform three separate operations in one process, including harvesting, harvesting and threshing. The waste straw left on the field is the remaining dry stems and leaves, which have limited nutrients and can be chopped and spread in the field or packaged for feed and livestock bedding. It is one of the most economically important labor-saving and time-saving harvesters, greatly reducing the proportion of the population that must be engaged in agriculture.


Feed rate


Harvesting Width




Total Weight


Dimension(length× width× height)

6544× 2625 ×3070 mm

Matched Motor

50hp-86 hp


1. Optimize threshing and separation roller which can attain better results.
2. Advanced optimize shoes, dependent end shaker angle and lower loss.
3. Wider Conveyer feeding more smoothly
4. Improved Reel Spring tooth, hydraulic control for the laid crop
5. The big grain tank can unload conveniently by opening and closing the gate

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