Corn harvester how to choose?
May 30, 2018

First, a detailed inspection of the inside and outside of the machine, whether there is no welding or welding where the welding is not strong, there is no place for deformation or fracture damage;

Second, we must first look at the models we have selected for high-quality brand products. If so, we should start with the higher-winning brands. In general, the better the brand quality, the better.

Third, whether the various parts are smooth, whether there are traces of rust, or whether they are scratched or peeled off.

Fourth, check whether all parts of the machine are installed properly and firmly;

Fifth, in accordance with the instructions to check whether the annex is complete and complete;

Sixth, the drum and other components, to see if there is no understanding or collision phenomenon, to see if the operation is stable and flexible, there is no abnormal noise.

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