Four-wheel tractor starts with starter
May 30, 2018

1. The starter fuel should use mixed oil, and the mixed oil should be mixed with 15 parts of gasoline and 1 part diesel engine oil.

2. Do not start the rope around your hand when starting, so as to avoid accidents caused by reverse rotation.

3. To start a new or parked tractor, add 25 ml of oil from the starter pressure relief valve and the crankcase filler hole, and rotate the handwheel a few turns to lubricate the friction surfaces.

4. If the engagement gear and the flywheel ring gear are disengaged in advance, the flying spring of the automatic separation mechanism should be adjusted. It is forbidden to press the engagement handle by hand to forcibly prevent it from disengaging to avoid accidents.

5. When the starter is not driven by the main engine, the main engine must not be supplied with oil. That is, the throttle is placed in the flameout position. Otherwise, carbon deposition will occur, which will cause damage to the lubricant and cause premature separation of the automatic separation mechanism.

6. After starting fire, low-speed warm-up and then load operation, the starter with the engine continuous operation can not exceed 15 minutes, does not allow overheating and overloading.

7. Do not add gasoline in the main engine intake pipe to avoid causing the car to ride and knock.

8. When supplying fuel to the main engine, do not return the reducer to the first gear, otherwise it will cause the starter to overspeed.

9. After the main engine is fully warmed up, the oil pressure gauge is allowed to feed oil after it has been read. If the pressure gauge does not have a reading, stop it immediately to check and remove the fault.

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