How corn harvesters work
May 30, 2018

Corn harvester is a kind of agricultural machinery. It is a tool to complete the harvesting of corn stalks according to the operational requirements when the corn is mature or nearly mature. So what is the working principle of the corn harvester?

Before understanding the working principle of the corn harvester, we must first understand its main components: cutting rod device, conveying device, hydraulic lifter and so on.

During the operation, the corn harvester proceeds in the direction of the corn ridge, and the cutting knife cuts the corn stalk sequentially, and the straw passes through the upper, middle and lower parts. The three conveying chains are output from the right direction, and the corn stalk is naturally placed. The corn harvest is completed.

The separation of the power of the corn harvester is accomplished through the driver's operation of the hydraulic lifting system of the tractor. After the host is lifted up to the stop position, the two B-shaped V-belts will stop rotating and cut off the power input of the diesel engine. In this way, the separation of power is achieved, and the cutting knife and the conveyor belt will also stop rotating. Otherwise, they will be in working rotation.

The working principle of the corn harvester is introduced above. The corn harvester can effectively reduce the labor intensity of farmers' friends and is a new type of agricultural machinery. It is also a low-priced and suitable for the popularization of small four-wheel tractors. It belongs to a kind of equipment and can harvest corn stalks. Agricultural machinery.

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