How wheat harvesters should be stored
May 30, 2018

1. Select: Wash the soil inside and outside the harvester with water, clean the wrapped grass and other debris, remove the chain and soak it with diesel oil until the oil sludge is brushed, then soak it with oil for 5 to 10 minutes, remove the oil, and apply grease. Wrap in kraft paper or plastic bag in a dry place.

2, storage: thoroughly clean the machine into the hangar, the inorganic library to be covered with rain, the sun's simple shed, with plastic bags of diesel, oil filling port, air filter, exhaust pipe bandage Enter with dust-proof soil.

3, put the net: After the engine is off, the oil of the oil pan is released hot, and the diesel of the diesel engine is released. After the water temperature drops, the cooling water components such as the water tank and the body are opened and the cooling water is discharged.

4. Dismantling: Remove all the belts and clean them, and inspect them for damaged conditions. Record the belt position mark, store the talcum powder hanging in the cool and ventilated place inside the hangar, remove the main electrical appliances such as generators and headlights, and keep them properly. Remove the battery and store it in the room to charge it. In winter, keep warm and prevent freezing.

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