hydraulic system position and draft control
Jul 31, 2018

•Position control :This will control the working depth of 3-point hitch mounted implement regardless of the amount of pull required. •Draft control: This will control the pull of the 3-point implement. As the load on the 3-point hitch changes due to various soil conditions, the draft control system automatically responds to these changes by either raising or lowering the implement slightly to maintain a constant pull. Place the position control lever in the lowest position and set the implement pull with the draft control lever. •Mixed control: In draft control, when draft decreases, the implement automatically lowers to increase draft. However, the implement sometimes lowers too much. To limit the  degree, the implement can be lowered, set the position control lever at the lowest   working depth desired for the implement. Lower the draft control lever to the

      point where the implement is at the desired depth. This stops the implement from

      going too deep and causing loss of traction and ground speed.

•Float control: Place both the draft control lever and the position control lever in the float position to make the lower links move freely along with the ground conditions.

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