Sprayer maintenance
May 30, 2018

If it is operated or stored improperly, the sprayer can be easily corroded, which shortens the service life. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to in terms of maintenance:

1, before the operation, according to the instructions to operate, check, adjust the status of various components, lubricate the lubrication points, while maintaining the body's cleanliness.

2. After the operation is completed, rinse it with clean water several times in a timely manner. Clear the remaining liquid in the liquid tank, the liquid pump, and the pipeline. Check if the sprayer malfunctions and dry it.

3. After the seasonal operation is over, the sprayer has a longer storage time. In addition to cleaning the body, the V-belt, spray hose, sprayer, mixer, and suction pipe should also be removed and rinsed to clean the body. Place in a cool, dry place together. If it is a rubber product, it needs to be hung on the wall to avoid being damaged by extrusion. At the same time, it needs to stay away from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other corrosive items to avoid rust damage.

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