Sprayer precautions
May 30, 2018

1. Please wear tight, masks, gloves, long-sleeved clothes and trousers before you hit pesticides.

2. Please check the description of the pesticide label before you hit the pesticide. Detoxification methods are available on the pesticide label.

3. please carefully understand the toxicity of pesticides, highly toxic and highly toxic pesticides need to be used in strict accordance with the label, the operator must bring good protective equipment. Entrance hoods, gloves, gowns, trousers, etc., are strictly prohibited. If you think that the amount of medication used will lead to the death of pests, this idea is fundamentally wrong.

4. You must know clearly that even low-to-medium pesticides must be used strictly according to the label.

5. You should minimize direct contact with pesticides, do not eat, drink, smoke, and stand in the wind when spraying.

6. After you finish pesticides, please open the washing tank of your medicine fighter and wash your hands or other parts with ordinary (alkaline) soap for the first time. Then go back and bathe for the first time.

7. Please keep in mind that no matter what time you do not contaminate the car washing tank, always ensure that the water in the washing tank is adequate and clean.

8. When you wash your hands, don't forget to also clean the taps so that your hands and body are clean and the water taps and mouths are clean.

9. Please remember to take a regular alkaline soap when you fight drugs, which will allow you to remove pesticide residues from your hands faster.

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