Tractor maintenance precautions
May 30, 2018

First, the power dropped significantly. When the throttle is in the maximum position, the maximum output power of the diesel engine is only about 60% of the rated power, obviously with no load, and the fuel, gas distribution mechanism, crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and other relevant parts can not be recovered after maintenance and adjustment. .

Second, fuel consumption has increased significantly. When the fuel consumption exceeds the rated value of 30% - 50%, the oil consumption of the oil exceeds the rated value by more than 1 time. The exhaust gas brings out the oil, and the crankcase ventilation port (or fuel filler port) takes the smoke with oil mist inside the crankcase. The temperature increases significantly.

Third, cylinder liners, pistons and other parts wear seriously. The wear of cylinder journal piston and crankshaft exceeds the limit value, and the parts and components of the air distribution mechanism wear badly, which makes the sealing performance of cylinder liner worse and the cylinder pressure decrease.

4. When the tractor starts to fail to start smoothly, we can stop the operation of the machine to see if there is a noise, and check and maintain after the normal temperature of the diesel engine and cooling water.

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