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How Many Kinds Of Installation Methods Of Rotary Blade?
May 30, 2018

The blade is the main tool for rotary tillage. The correct installation can improve the working efficiency of the machine. If the installation method is not available, it will affect the quality of the work and the service life of the tools. According to our company's understanding, the correct installation methods mainly include three kinds. :

1. Install outward. Except for the two knives at the two ends of the knife shaft that are bent inwards, the rest of the blades are installed outwards, so that a ditch will appear in the middle of the cultivated earth pond, which is very suitable for demolition and tillage.

2. Install inwards. All blades are bent to the middle, so that the soil after cultivating the middle ridge, the middle of the adjacent two rows into a ditch, suitable for farming.

3. Mixed installation. The left and right machetes are staggered symmetrically mounted on the cutter shaft, but the blades at both ends of the cutter shaft are bent inwards. This installation method will make the surface after cultivation more flat, and is also the most commonly used one in the installation mode. Species.

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