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How To Clean Fruit Tree Sprayer
May 30, 2018

1. Alkaline solution removes oil.

For the removal of animal and vegetable oils and mineral oils on the surface of the parts, a small amount of emulsifier can be added to the solid re-emergent solution. After heating and cleaning, if the pressure jet is used, the effect will be better. After cleaning, it shall be sprayed with heated clean water, Wash off residual alkaline solution from the surface of the part.

2. Organic solvents remove grease.

In order to prevent alkali solution from corroding precision parts, organic solvents are generally used for cleaning.

3. Aluminum alloy cleaning fluid removes oil.

Because the alkali solution has a strong corrosion effect on the aluminum alloy and the organic solvent is expensive, the aluminum alloy cleaning solution can be prepared when the aluminum alloy parts are cleaned. Generally, a sodium silicate or sodium carbonate solution and a small amount of potassium dichromate are used to prepare the aluminum alloy cleaning solution. , Warm up to 60 ~ 70 °C for best results.

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