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Minor Excavator Worthy Of Attention
May 30, 2018

The hydraulic cylinder is internally equipped with a buffer device, which can gradually release the back pressure near the end of the stroke. If the impact load is applied after reaching the end of the stroke, the piston will directly hit the cylinder head or the cylinder bottom, which may cause accidents. Therefore, the end of the stroke should be as far as possible. Leave space.

The use of rotary motions for earth-moving operations will result in abnormal forces on the bucket and work equipment, resulting in distortion or cracking of welds, and even pin fractures. Such operations should be avoided as much as possible.

Excavating with the weight of the machine body will cause the slewing bearing to be in an abnormally stressed state. At the same time, it will have a strong vibration and impact on the chassis. Therefore, the use of a hydraulic cylinder or a hydraulic pipe will cause great damage.

When loading and unloading heavy materials such as rock, it should be near the bottom of the truck compartment, or loaded with dirt, and then loaded with rocks to prohibit high-level unloading to reduce the impact damage to the truck.

When the crawler sinks deep into the mud, place a plank under the bucket, use the bottom end of the bucket to support the crawler, and then put the plank under the crawler to drive the machine out.

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