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Mower Weeding Features
May 30, 2018

High efficacy: This mower is generally used, its efficacy is equivalent to 16 times of manual weeding, and can quickly complete the operation;

Good efficiency: If it is used for orchard weeding, because of its fast rotation speed, the cutting effect is very good, especially for the weeds with high tenderness cutting effect is best, generally only three times a year grass can be;

Maintaining water and soil: artificially using scorpion scorpion, since loosening the topsoil at the time of sward stalks, it will often cause a certain amount of water and soil loss, and artificial sedges on the escalators will cause more serious soil erosion, and if mowers are used, Mowing the grass, because only part of the ground is cut off, has almost no effect on the soil, and the solid earth effect of grass roots is extremely beneficial to maintaining water and soil;

The fertility can be increased: weeding with a lawn mower, the grass can generally cover the entire orchard, can be used as an organic fertilizer orchard, increase soil fertility.

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