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Rotary Cultivator Mechanical Adjustment
May 30, 2018

1. Adjust horizontally. Pull the tractor with a rotary tiller on the flat ground first, and lower the rotary tiller so that the blade is 5 centimeters away from the ground, and observe whether the left and right blade tip heights are the same to ensure that the cutter shaft level is consistent and the tillage depth is even during operation.

2. Adjust horizontally before and after. When the cultivator is lowered to the required depth of cultivation, observe whether the joint angle and the axis of the rotary cultivator are close to the horizontal position. If the joint angle is too large, adjust the pull-up lever so that the rotary cultivator is in a horizontal position.

3. Improve height adjustment. Rotary tillage operation, the joint angle of the joint is not allowed to be greater than 10 degrees, the land is not allowed to turn more than 30 degrees. Therefore, the lifting of the rotary cultivator is limited to the proper position of the handle for the use of the available screws for position adjustment; when using the height adjustment, special attention must be paid when lifting, and if it is necessary to raise the rotary cultivator, the power of the universal joint should be cut off. .

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