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Sugarcane Harvesting Machine Working Process
May 30, 2018

The tip is cut off by the tip of the cane, and the spiral separator separates the sugar cane that lays to the outside and the sugar cane that is intertwined with each other, and the cane in the harvesting line is gathered into the width of the harvester. Pushing the roller to push the sugarcane down while the vertical roller presses the sugar cane, the root cutter will then cut off from the root cane, and the cut sugarcane will be fed into the harvester through the feed roller. There will be a knife at the end of the feed roller. The sugarcane is cut to a certain length, and the cut sugarcane is thrown into the elevator. During the throwing process, the first blower blows the sugar cane leaves out of the machine to perform the first cane and leaf separation. The elevator lifts the sugar cane to a certain height and throws it into the receiving truck. There is a second blower at the delivery port for a second separation of the cane.

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