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The History Of The Harvester
May 30, 2018

In 1799, the earliest horse-drawn disc cutter harvester was introduced in Britain; in 1822, a reeling device was added above the cutter. In 1826, a modern model of a harvester using a reciprocating cutter and a reel was found. A multi-horse tractor was used to drive the cutter through rotation of the ground wheel. From 1831 to 1835, a similar animal wheat harvester became a commodity in the United States; in 1851 there appeared a rocker harvester capable of stacking piles of cut stalks; after 1920, due to the universal use of tractors, harvesting was accompanied by tractors. The machine began to replace the animal power harvester. In 1952, China began to produce animal-powered rocker harvesters and other types of animal-powered harvesters; in 1962, it began to develop horizontal-type header harvesters and vertical-side header harvesters with machine-side mulching. In order to adapt to the needs of harvesting wheat in northern wheat and corn intercropping areas, in 1977, the machine was developed into a vertical header harvester with machine-mounted stalks.

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