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The Importance Of Regular Maintenance Of Corn Harvesters
May 30, 2018

1. After the corn harvesting work is finished, the operators are familiar with the operating conditions of the harvester, which parts should be replaced, which parts should be adjusted, and which parts should be tightened and lubricated. It is very clear that inspections are carried out at this time, with strong pertinence and can effectively avoid failures. The missed and missed repairs save time and effort.

2, timely maintenance, at this time to buy harvester accessories, lower prices and save costs.

3. After the harvester is overhauled and maintained, it can avoid further corrosion, aging and deformation in the sealer and extend the service life of the harvester.

When we use the farm machinery, if we do maintenance work occasionally, it will affect its performance and work efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, it is really important that we do maintenance work on a regular basis. I hope everyone will understand this knowledge after certain It is necessary to do a good job in this area to ensure its performance and extend its service life.

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