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What Are The Characteristics Of Using The Baler?
May 30, 2018

1. Compared with the historical use of hydraulic balers, the mechanism is simple, the performance is reliable, easy to operate, maintain, and has good usability. The maintenance cost is low, and the annual use cost can be saved by more than 200,000 yuan.

2. There are no hydraulic drills, hydraulic valves, accumulators and other components necessary for the hydraulic baler. There is no heating and cooling device for the stable change of the hydraulic system. The energy saving effect is obvious, compared with the history of using most balers. In terms of energy consumption, it saves an average of 5 KW per hour compared to similar products, and can save electricity costs by more than 40,000 yuan per year.

3, and there is no hydraulic running oil, risk, leakage phenomenon, is conducive to environmental protection.

4, easy to install, just do a good roller, you can immediately use, without debugging, vertical waist, waist buckle on the steel bundle on the steel bundle on the roller, the steel bundle does not scrape when moving on the roller Roller channel side bladder.

5, simple operation, remote operation, without the need for additional labor, can be synchronized in the control room, without training.

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