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  • compact mini farm tractor

    SC series is a compact farm tractor developed by Shiying according to market demand, strong power and low price.
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  • hydraulic steering farm tractor

    SQ70 series farm tractor is a new model independently developed by SJH, learning from the advanced technologies at home and abroad. Suitable for a various of climate and soil conditions.
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  • agriculture farm tractor

    SK80 series farm tractor is a high-power tractor developed on the basis of foreign advanced technology, widely used in various fields and in transportation and other works.
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  • diesel engine farm tractor

    SP140 series farm tractor is developed based on market demand with international advanced level. It has strong power, excellent performance, beautiful appearance, broad vision, strong adaptability, and is widely applicable to various operations such as farmland operations and...
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  • Self propelled crop sprayer

    ATV Self-propelled sprayer has high working efficiency, large medicine container capacity, and strong operability. It has strong terrain adaptability and high driving comfort.
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  • mini tractor with plow

    Spinning blade type ditcher equipped with standardized cutter which is suited for ditching in the non-cohesive soil and ordinary soil orchard and characterized by higher efficiency and less residues in the bottom.
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  • small orchard tractor

    Greenhouse orchard tractor with low fuel consumption, more flexible operation, small turning radius.
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  • Self propelled Orchard sprayer

    Self-propelled Orchard chemical sprayer has strong power, high working efficiency and self-propelled ride.
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  • four wheel drive farm tractor

    SU series farm tractor is a large-horsepower wheeled tractor independently developed by Shiying Machinery and with independent intellectual property.
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  • greenhouse orchard tractor

    Wheeled orchard tractor with Enhanced front bracket, strong carrying capacity, high safety factor.
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  • wheeled orchard tractor

    Four-wheel drive system orchard tractor
    Low noise, big ground clearance
    Good passability
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  • orchard crawler tractor

    Remote control orchard crawler tractor
    Man-machine separation
    Compact construction
    Advanced technology
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