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Farm Self-propelled Boom Sprayer

Farm Self-propelled Boom Sprayer

3WPZ-500 Self-Propelled Boom Sprayer
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The boom sprayer is a motorized sprayer that mounts the spray head on a transverse boom or upright boom. This type of sprayer has high working efficiency, good spraying quality and uniform distribution of spray volume. It is suitable for large-area spraying of various pesticides, fertilizers and plant production regulators. It is widely used in field crops, lawns, nurseries and wall. Vineyards and specific occasions (such as airports, roads, snow, road weeding, etc.).




ATV Self-propelled chemical boom crop sprayer adopts four-wheel steering. ATV Self-propelled chemical boom crop sprayer uses an whole LCD dashboard make the operating clear. The machine has excellent work performance. Independent PTO, which provides power for the fertilizer applicator, can also be equipped with a 300L large capacity manure spreader with a spread of up to 12 meters. The front and rear wheels have the same trajectory. There is less trampling of crops and more than one machine can be used to achieve plant protection and fertilization.

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