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boom crop sprayer

boom crop sprayer

The boom crop sprayer is easy to operate and the lance boom can be folded. It can be carried on tractors or trucks and the operation scope is very wide.
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Wide spray range, high operating efficiency. The boom lifts and folds automatically by hydraulic control, which can achieve segmented folding and sectional control, saving time and effort. Equipped with high-grade combination valve, lumped pressure regulation, sub-equilibrium pressure regulation, commutation, sectional control, filtration, pressure display as one, easy to use. Four-stage filtration does not block the nozzles. The configuration is high and all core components are imported. Precise and efficient application, optional variable spray system. The stirring system adopts the two-way configuration of reflux and high-pressure stirring, which can fully ensure the uniformity of the liquid medicine. The main frame and arm are all made of manganese steel. The main rack arm is made of manganese steel as well.




Working width (m)


Spreading height (m)

0.6~1.3 adjustable

Medical tank Capacity(L)


Tractor Power requirement (Kw)



The boom crop sprayer is simple in structure, easy to operate and maintain, and quickly connected to the tractor. The liquid pump is a diaphragm pump with high pressure, stable runoff, waterless operation and long service life. The entire boom system is suitable for vibration shock absorbers, which is conducive to its stable operation. The sprayer is equipped with a tractor 4wd and a rear power take-off for crop spraying. It is mainly used for spraying crops, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, etc. on crops, wheat, beans and other crops. It can also be connected to it. Spray guns clean and disinfect farm tools, various vehicles and barns.

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