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Orchard Sprayer

Orchard chemical sprayer

Orchard chemical sprayer

The Remote control orchard chemical sprayer is our new product. The machine has a strong controllability. This sprayer can solve the closing the pesticide cause poisoning.
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Air-driven atomizer, better atomization, further spraying distance Remote-control & man-machine separation ensure personnel safety while operating and prevent the physically damage from pesticides.

Pneumatic nebulizer injection is the injection method that uses the kinetic principle to turn a solution sample into an aerosol and transfer it to the atomizer. When the high-speed air stream is ejected from the annular section of the atomizer nozzle, a negative pressure is formed at the end of the nozzle capillary, and the test solution is sucked from the capillary. The rate of motion is much greater than the flow of the liquid stream, which strongly impacts the flow, causing it to break up to form fine droplets.

Mode Air-driven atomization,
Spraying radius 6~7 meters
Capacity of pesticide tank 300 litres
Overall dimensions (cm) 200 (L) X 120 (W) X 100(H)

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