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Remote Control Tractor

  • mini tractor with plow

    Spinning blade type ditcher equipped with standardized cutter which is suited for ditching in the non-cohesive soil and ordinary soil orchard and characterized by higher efficiency and less residues in the bottom.
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  • orchard crawler tractor

    Remote control orchard crawler tractor
    Man-machine separation
    Compact construction
    Advanced technology
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  • Mini crawler tractor

    Equipped with the remote control system, it operates safely and conveniently; it can be turned in-situ due to its compact construction; characterized by better traffic-ability and stronger grade-ability, it is suited for mechanized operations in orchards, green houses,...
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  • tractor with Backfill

    For the rotary cultivator with split cutter-axis construction, earth back filling can be performed by means of their replacement, it is featured by convenient to dismantle and higher efficiency of the back filling operations.
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  • remote control crawler tractor

    Ridger is mounted at the back of the rotating cultivator and the ridge is formed while the rotary tillage performed.
    It is suited for inter-planting industrial crops, such as sweet potatoes, in orchards and planting vegetables in green houses.
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  • Fertiliser tractor

    Integrated & combined operation of ditching, fertilizing and covering. Quantity & depth of fertilizing can be adjusted. It is especially suited for applying small & round or powdered fertilizers.
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  • tractor with sprayer

    Air-driven atomizer, better atomization,further spraying distance
    Remote-control & man-machine separation ensure safety of operating personnel and prevent the personnel from damage of pesticides.
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  • Remote Control Mowers

    High speed & vertical cutter lawn mowing device is suited for mowing and smashing of various weeds or grasses with stubble levelled.
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  • mobile wood chipper

    Tree branches shredder can be driven by using the tractor's PTO for branches of fruit trees.
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  • Self Driving Tractors

    It may be used not only for transportation of articles to the orchard, but also for carrying fruits out of the orchard.
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