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Remote Control Tractor

Mini crawler tractor

Mini crawler tractor

Equipped with the remote control system, it operates safely and conveniently; it can be turned in-situ due to its compact construction; characterized by better traffic-ability and stronger grade-ability, it is suited for mechanized operations in orchards, green houses, hillsides and hills.
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Orchard crawler tractor is mainly used for bulldozers, flat land, snow, excavation, trench cleaning, etc. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and large traction. After loading the first four unifications, loading, bulldozing, leveling, clamping, and quick transition between different practices can be achieved, and the work is more flexible. This series of products can be equipped with different tools, hydraulic reversing clutches, making operation easier and more flexible.


Working width(m)

1 or 1.2 

Tillage depth (mm)


Rotary blade type

Solid or split blade-axis

Cutter disc rotating speed (rpm)



1. Triangle rubber crawler walking structure, high 20-tooth drive wheel, adapt to various terrains, high off-road performance, protect soil and seeds.

2. The matching performance is good, and it can be equipped with all kinds of general agricultural tools at will, and complete multi-kinetic operation such as rotary tillage, ditching, ridge, planting and fertilization in one time.

3. Ergonomic design, hydraulic tip speed, hydrostatic transmission, agricultural machinery lifting and tractor steering integrated operation, large capacity HST, differential steering.

4. Optional fully enclosed cab, air conditioning and heating system.

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