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Remote Control Tractor

remote control crawler tractor

remote control crawler tractor

Ridger is mounted at the back of the rotating cultivator and the ridge is formed while the rotary tillage performed.
It is suited for inter-planting industrial crops, such as sweet potatoes, in orchards and planting vegetables in green houses.
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1) The linear type is simple in structure and easy to install and maintain.

2) Use world famous brand parts, including pneumatic parts, electrical parts and operating parts.

3) High automation and intelligent operation, no pollution


Ridge height (mm)        


Ridge bottom width (mm)   


Ridge top width (mm)       


Working Principle

Unlike a wheeled tractor, the tracked type is supported on the ground by a wound endless track. The track contacts the ground, the shank is inserted into the soil, and the driver is not grounded. The drive wheel continuously rolls the track from the rear by the engagement between the gear teeth on the drive wheel and the track pin on the drive wheel. The grounding part of the track gives the ground a backward force, and the corresponding reaction force Pk is also required to be given to the track. This Pk reaction is the driving force for propelling the tractor forward. The driving force of the wheeled tractor is transmitted directly to the walking wheel. Unlike the crawler tractor, its driving force Pk is transmitted to the axle of the driving wheel through the crawler wound on the driving wheel, and then transmitted through the body of the tractor through the axle. Go to the drive wheel. When the driving force is sufficient to overcome the rolling resistance and the traction resistance of the farm implement, the roller rolls forward on the upper surface of the track, thereby causing the tractor to travel forward. Since the drive wheel continuously rolls the track section forward and then lays it on the ground via the guide wheel, the roller can continuously roll on the track laid with the track. It can be seen that the crawler tractor is realized by the driving torque passing through the driving wheel to make the interaction between the crawler belt and the ground, and the driving force is greater than the sum of the rolling resistance and the traction resistance.

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